Police & Crime Plan

Ensuring safer Surrey roads

Surrey is home to some of the busiest stretches of motorway in the UK with significant numbers of vehicles using the county’s road network every day. Our roads carry over 60% more than the national average amount of traffic. High profile cycle events in recent years, coupled with the beauty of the countryside, have made the Surrey Hills a destination point for cyclists and walkers as well as off-road vehicles, motorcycles and horse riders.

Our roads, footpaths and bridleways are vibrant and open Surrey up to economic prosperity as well as leisure opportunities. However, concerns raised by communities highlight that many people misuse our roads in Surrey and cause distress to those living and working here.

Surrey roads

To reduce serious road collisions:

Surrey Police will…
  • Support Surrey Police’s Road’s Policing Unit and the development of the Fatal Five Team. This team is focused on changing driver behaviour via a multi-agency preventative approach to tackle the fatal five causes of accidents on our roads: speeding, drink and drug driving, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt and careless driving, including enforcement
My office will…
  • Work with Surrey County Council, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, the Highways Agency and others to create a partnership plan that reflects the needs of all our road users and shifts the focus to harm reduction
Together we will…
  • Working with the Safer Surrey Roads Partnership to develop initiatives that reduce the number of killed and seriously injured on our roads. This includes Vision Zero, Rural Speeds project and the development of the Safety Camera Partnership

To reduce anti-social road use:

Surrey Police will…
  • Improve the ease with which residents can report anti-social road use such as cycling on footpaths, using
  • E- Scooters in prohibited places, causing distress to horse riders and some parking obstructions so that trends and hot spots can be identified
My office will…
  • Involve communities in the solution to anti-social driving by supporting Community Speed Watch groups by purchasing more equipment and listening to their concerns

To make Surrey’s roads safer for children and young people:

Together we will…
  • Address the disproportionately higher number of fatalities in those aged 17 to 24 by continuing to support and develop interventions such as Safe Drive Stay Alive and making young driver courses more accessible
  • Work with schools and colleges to support initiatives such as Bike Safe and the new Surrey Safer Roads Plan, to ensure children and their families feel confident to walk or cycle to school and in their communities

To support victims of road collisions:

Surrey Police will…
  • Work with criminal justice partners to ensure justice is achieved for victims of dangerous driving
My office will…
  • Explore the support given to victims and witnesses of road collisions and work with existing support organisations

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