Police & Crime Plan

Working with Surrey communities so that they feel safe

I am committed to ensuring all residents feel safe in their local communities. Through my consultation it was clear many people feel their communities are impacted by crime in their local area such as anti-social behaviour, drug related harm or environmental crime.

To reduce anti-social behaviour: 

Surrey Police will…
  • Work with Surrey communities to develop a problem-solving approach and interventions that work, putting the community at the heart of the response
  • Improve the police response for victims of anti-social behaviour, ensuring Surrey Police and partners use the powers available to them, seek innovative ways to problem solve and work with communities to find lasting solutions
  • Support the Force’s Problem-Solving Team in developing initiatives that target an area or crime type and using Designing Out Crime Officers to find solutions to anti-social behaviour
My office will…
  • Ensure victims and the community have easy access to the Community Trigger process
  • Support the specialist service in place in Surrey to support victims of anti-social behaviour
  • Identify opportunities to bring additional funding to communities though projects such as the Safer Streets initiative

To reduce drug related harm:

Surrey Police will…
  • Reduce the community harm caused by drugs, including crime committed to fuel drug dependence
  • Tackle organised criminality, violence and exploitation that go hand-in-hand with the production and supply of drugs
My office will…
  • Continue to commission the Cuckooing Service which supports those who have been exploited by criminal gangs
  • Work with partners to develop and fund services that support those affected by substance misuse
Together we will…
  • Work with partners including education providers to inform children and young people about the danger of drugs, the dangers of getting involved in county lines and how they can seek help

To tackle rural crime:

Rural communities in Surrey tell me how important it is to tackle issues that affect their areas. My Deputy Commissioner is taking a lead on rural crime issues and working with rural communities in Surrey and I am pleased that we now have dedicated rural crime teams in place. We will work with the Chief Constable to ensure the Force combat offences such as theft of machinery and wildlife crime.

Surrey Police will…
  • Support the Rural Crime Teams’ initiatives to address crimes such as livestock worrying, theft and poaching
  • Support the countywide protocol being developed by the Surrey Waste Partnership to provide a consistent and robust response to those who illegally dump waste on public or private land
My office will…
  • Ensure there is regular engagement with the rural community and feedback is provided to our community leaders
  • Reduce environmental anti-social behaviour, such as fly-tipping, through financially supporting Joint Enforcement Teams
Together we will…
  • Improve understanding and awareness of the crimes that affect rural communities

To tackle business crime:

Surrey Police will…
  • Explore ways to increase reporting and intelligence, linking what we know with wider problem-solving techniques
My office will…
  • Work with the business community to understand their needs and to promote investment in crime prevention activity
Together we will…
  • Ensure Surrey’s business and retail community feel listened to and have increased confidence in police

To reduce acquisitive crime:

Surrey Police will…
  • Disrupt and arrest the criminal gangs that carry out acquisitive crimes such as burglary, shoplifting, vehicle (including bicycle) and catalytic converter thefts, particularly looking at their operational activity, community engagement and awareness raising
  • Work with partners, both at a strategic level through the Serious and Organised Crime Partnership and local tactical groups such as the Serious Organised Crime Joint Action Groups
My office will…
  • Explore funding opportunities for initiatives to tackle acquisitive crime, such as the Home Office Safer Streets fund
  • Support Neighbourhood Watch activity to promote prevention messages
Together we will…
  • Work alongside partners during weeks of operation to share communications and encourage intelligence gathering from partners and the community