Surrey Youth Commission

Helping children and young people have their say on policing and crime

We’re working with Leader’s Unlocked to establish a Youth Commission on Policing and Crime in Surrey.

The Commission will be made up of young people aged between 14-25yrs old, who will help our office and Surrey Police to include the priorities of children and young people in policing Surrey.

It will be overseen by our Deputy Commissioner Ellie Vesey-Thompson, as part of her focus on enhancing the opportunities and support for young people in Surrey.

What the Commission will do

Throughout 2023, members of the Youth Commission will:

  • Take part in Youth Commission sessions: You will participate in Youth Commission sessions. The first 2 sessions will take place on a Saturday. Other smaller meetings will generally be on weekdays (early evenings);
  • Work on special topics: As a group, you will select priority topics to work on during your time on the Youth Commission. The shortlist will be determined by the Youth Commission and may include topics such as relations with the police, reducing youth offending, substance abuse etc;
  • Plan events: You will work in a team to design and plan interactive workshops to engage other young people and partner agencies in your area. You will be invited to help to run these events wherever possible as long as there is no clash with your school/ college commitments;
  • Gather the views of other young people: You will be given support to carry out peer research with other young people in schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups. This can be done to suit your schedule and can fit around your existing commitments;
  • Report back to the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner: You will contribute towards the analysis of information gathered from young people in your area and help to present back your conclusions to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Get involved

Joining the Commission is a great opportunity to have a say on policing where you live and represent the views of more young people across Surrey. You’ll gain valuable skills which you’ll be able to to use in your CV and in applications for further education.

Use the links below to apply. You’ll need to email your completed Application Form to Emily at Leaders Unlocked by 16th December 2022:

This fantastic scheme will ensure we are hearing opinions from young people across a range of backgrounds, so we understand what they feel are the most important issues for the force to tackle.

It will help more young people to speak openly on the issues they face and directly inform future crime prevention in Surrey.

Ellie Vesey-Thompson, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey