Measuring performance

Complaints data

Your Commissioner closely monitors how complaints are handled by Surrey Police and receives regular updates on the Force’s performance.

It includes how many complaints are made against the Force or our Office, how quickly complaints are resolved and the results of random checks that help ensure that the service you receive is fair and effective.
We also employ a Complaint Review Manager who can provide an independent review of the outcome of some complaints processed by Surrey Police.

Learn more about the complaints process or use the boxes below to see more information about how we monitor complaints about Surrey Police or this office:

Data Hub

Visit our dedicated Data Hub to see more information relating to complaints about Surrey Police, how quickly complaint cases were resolved and information about Independent Complaint Reviews carried out by our Office.

The Data Hub also contains information about the Surrey Police workforce and the results of inspections carried out by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS).

Use the link below to learn more:

Quarterly updates

Dip checks and Timeliness Reports

Misconduct Hearings and Police Appeal Tribunals

Complaints about the Commissioner or Chief Constable

Self-assessment of our performance

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