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About Surrey and Surrey Police

Surrey is an area of varied geography, with a mix of busy towns and rural villages and a population of 1.2m residents.

Surrey Police allocate their officer and staff resources at a number of different levels. Its neighbourhood teams operate at a borough and district level, working locally with communities. These connect communities into more specialist policing services, such as response policing and investigative teams, which often work at a divisional level. Surrey-wide teams such as major crime investigation, firearms, roads policing and police dogs, work across the county and in many cases, in collaborated teams with Sussex Police.

Surrey Police has a workforce establishment of 2,105 warranted police officers and 1,978 police staff. Many of our police staff are in operational roles such as specialist investigators, Police Community Support Officers, crime analysts, forensics and contact centre staff taking 999 and 101 calls. With funding from the Government’s police uplift programme, Surrey Police is currently increasing its number of police officers and is working on improving representation of the workforce to reflect the diversity of Surrey’s communities.

Surrey Police
About Surrey Police
About Surrey Police

Latest News

Deputy Commissioner hears speech by Victoria Cross recipient at key Forces conference

Ellie Vesey-Thompson attended the Surrey Armed Forces Covenant Conference, where she heard a moving speech from WO2 Johnson Beharry VC.

Forces must be unrelenting in rooting out the perpetrators within their ranks” – Commissioner responds to report on violence against women and girls in policing

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend stands outside the reception of the Surrey Police Headquarters near Guildford

Commissioner Lisa Townsend said police forces must be unrelenting in rooting out perpetrators of violence against women and girls within their ranks.

Have your say: Commissioner launches anti-social behaviour survey to boost response in Surrey

Commissioner Lisa Townsend has launched a survey on the impact of anti-social behaviour in Surrey as the county’s partnership looks to boost the service that residents receive.