Strengthening relationships between Surrey Police and Surrey residents

My aim is for all residents to feel that their police force is visible in tackling the issues that matter to them and that they can engage with Surrey Police when they have a crime or anti-social behaviour problem or need other police support.

female police staff member in a white forensics suit writing on a piece of card during a demonstration to children during the Surrey Police family open day in 2023

Key progress during 2022/23: 

  • Finding solutions with the public: In October I launched a public survey to gather resident opinions on Surrey Police’s response to non-emergency calls to the 101 service. Although Surrey Police has historically been one of the best forces at answering calls quickly, staff shortages in the Contact Centre meant that performance had started to dip. Conducting the survey was a step towards enhancing performance and ensuring that the views of residents were incorporated into work being taken forward by Surrey Police.
  • Public surgeries: As part of my commitment to enhance the voice of local people in policing I have established a regular schedule of public surgeries. Held on the first Friday of every month, these one-to-one meetings provide a valuable opportunity for me to hear feedback from residents.
  • Stakeholder engagement: I have continued to engage with various local organisations, community groups, and support services during 2022/23. This has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the concerns and opinions of local communities, as well as the resources accessible to victims of crime in Surrey. Additionally, my deputy has continued to undertake attachments with front-line police teams to obtain insights from officers and staff, as well as to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the daily practicalities and obstacles they confront.
  • Community meetings: More broadly, I have visited communities across Surrey to discuss the policing issues that matter most to residents. For more information, please see the dedicated ‘Engagement’ section in this report, which sets out the meetings I and my Deputy have attended throughout the year.
  • Open Data: I believe that residents should have access to key performance data concerning both my office and Surrey Police. As outlined, we have therefore developed an online Performance Hub to provide the public and stakeholders with convenient access to data in a format that can be easily understood, helping to improve transparency and confidence in local policing.

Explore further data concerning Surrey Police progress against this priority.

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