Annual Report

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Our annual report outlines the achievements of our office against each of the areas in the Police and Crime Plan.

It also includes information on your Commissioner’s future plans, the commissioning of projects and services and an overview of Surrey Police performance.

Each year the draft annual report is provided to Surrey’s Police and Crime Panel for comments.

View the correspondence between your Commissioner and the Police and Crime Panel about the report below:

Latest News

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Commissioner Lisa Townsend joined Project EDWARD's roadshow at a college in Epsom on Tuesday to promote safe driving.

Commissioner’s fury at attacks on police – as she warns of ‘hidden’ PTSD threat

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend stands outside the reception of the Surrey Police Headquarters near Guildford

The Commissioner said we must do everything we can to support those who give so much to Surrey's residents.

Surrey Commissioner celebrates two years with £9million funding announcement

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend smiling on sunny day next to sign that says Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey.

As she celebrates two years since her election, Commissioner Lisa Townsend has revealed some huge funding news.