Measuring performance


When I was elected in May 2021, I promised to keep the views of residents at the heart of my plans for policing in Surrey.

Over the last year, I’ve been out and about in our communities to hear your views and concerns in local meetings and through my regular surgery sessions available to residents. My Deputy Commissioner and I have engaged with a wide variety of partners, the public and members of Surrey Police on the beat and during special operations, at events and training days, at clubs, in prisons, on farms and in a variety of other places too.

During the winter, I consulted with you again on the amount that you would be prepared to pay from your council tax to support Surrey Police – receiving over 3,000 responses and 1,600 comments that will continue to shape the service you receive. Earlier in the year, my office also supported the consultation by Surrey Police on 101 performance.

My team have continued to update people with my latest news, attracting many new followers on social media and introducing a brand-new newsletter that includes more information on what my office has been up to each month.

I’ve been regularly featured by local and national media, speaking on the key issues that affect our communities such as trust in policing, violence against women and girls and the policing of protests that have used illegal means to disrupt everyday life.

My team has also worked hard to make the information about my role and the work of the office easier to find and understand, with a complete redesign of the website. Created to be more accessible, the website can now be translated into over 200 languages and adjusted for a variety of needs.

Latest News

Five new CCTV cameras in Walton will tackle illegal parking and anti-social behaviour

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend

Funding secured by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and partners will boost a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Walton.

Dozens of arrests amid Redhill crime crackdown funded by Surrey Commissioner

Hundreds of people have been stopped by police and 54 suspected criminals have been arrested amid a crackdown on crime in Redhill.

Commissioner’s pride in Surrey Police campaign to tackle youth-produced sexual images

A new campaign funded through the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner encourages young people to think twice before asking for sexual images.