Commissioner’s Decisions

Your Commissioner makes decisions including the provision of funding for local services, approval of Surrey Police finances and the transfer or sale of Surrey Police property. Use this page to search and view decisions made by your Commissioner.

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Decision 45/2022 – Children and Young People and Community Safety Fund Applications – November 2022

Decision 44/2022 – Funding for the provision of local support services

Decision 42/2022 – 2nd Quarter 2022/23 Financial Performance and Budget Virements

Decision 41/2022 – Surrey Police Case Management System

Decision 40/2022 – Your Sanctuary: In-refuge children support worker

Decision 39/2022 – I Choose Freedom: In-refuge children support worker

Decision 38/2022 – Interventions Alliance Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Fund

Decision 37/2022 – Surrey & Borders Partnership Child Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (CISVA) 2022