03/2024 – Approval of Treasury Management and MRP Statement and the Capital Strategy for 2024

Author and Job Role:      Kelvin Menon
Protective Marking:         OFFICIAL

The PCC is asked to approve the attached Treasury Management and MRP Statement and the Capital Strategy reviewed at the JAC meeting on the 27th March 2024.

The PCC has legal responsibility for all the Force/OPCC assets. This not only includes physical assets but also Treasury investment and borrowing. These two strategies set out how these areas will be managed in terms of Governance.

It is RECOMMENDED that the PCC approves the Treasury and MRP Statement the Capital Strategy and that they be placed on the OPCC website.

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend

Date: 17 April 2024

All decisions must be added to the decision register.


The JAC has been consulted on these papers

Financial implications

These are taken account of in the statements


The papers complies with the Prudential code.


It is a requirement of the prudential code to approve a Treasury, MRP and Capital strategy.

Equality and diversity

No implications

Risks to human rights

No implications