We fund and work with over 120 different organisations to support a broad range of services to make our county an even safer place to live and work. Together with partners – not just Surrey Police, but also the eleven District and Borough Councils across Surrey, Surrey Fire & Rescue and others – we continue to promote a safer community, reduce reoffending and ensure the best possible support for victims of crime.

The work of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner ranges from preventative initiatives such as youth engagement programmes and support for ex offenders and those affected by substance misuse to reduce offending, to projects that support the police in dealing with local crime – such as Joint Enforcement Teams across Surrey. Additionally, we help fund projects across the county that help support those who are at risk of falling into criminality, to ensure that they have the skills to lead a law-abiding life.

Should you find yourself a victim of any crime, we have a dedicated team who work hard to ensure that there are services in place across Surrey to support those who are in need, including a Gold awarded Surrey Police Victim and Witness Care Unit established in 2019 and specialist support and outreach workers supporting the most vulnerable. These services are in place to support Surrey’s victims, give them all the information that they may need, and to help them move forward.

In addition, the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner takes part in a wide range of community and other activities that drive engagement with the police, and encourage and show support for equality and diversity both in Surrey Police and across Surrey.

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