Community Safety Assembly

Community Safety Assembly

The Community Safety Assembly is hosted by the office of the Commissioner to bring partner organisations across the county together to improve collaboration and enhance community safety in Surrey. It supports the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan that outlines the key priorities for Surrey Police.

The Assembly is a key part of the delivery of Surrey’s Community Safety Agreement that outlines how partners will work together to improve community safety, by enhancing the support for individuals affected or at risk of harm, reducing inequalities and strengthening work between different agencies.

Surrey’s Community Safety Partnership is responsible for the agreement and works closely with Surrey’s Health and Wellbeing Board, recognising the strong link between health and wellbeing outcomes and community safety. 

The Community Safety Priorities in Surrey relate to:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Prevent; the counter-terrorism programme
  • Serious youth violence
  • Antisocial behaviour

Community Safety Assembly – May 2022

The first Assembly was attended by community safety representatives from Surrey County Council and district and borough councils, local health services, Surrey Police, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, justice partners and community organisations including mental health and domestic abuse services.

Throughout the day, members were asked to consider the bigger picture of so-called ‘low level crime’, to learn to spot the signs of hidden harm and to discuss how to overcome challenges that included barriers to sharing information and building public trust.

Group work on a variety of topics was accompanied by presentations from Surrey Police and Surrey County Council, including the Force’s focus on reducing violence against women and girls, tackling antisocial behaviour and embedding a problem-solving approach to policing that is focused on longer term prevention.

The meeting was also the first time that representatives from each of the organisations had met in person since the start of the pandemic and will be followed with regular meetings of Surrey’s Community Safety Partnership to progress work in each of the areas of the Agreement between 2021-25.

Our Surrey Partners

Community Safety Agreement

crime plan

The Community Safety Agreement outlines the ways partners will work together to reduce harm and improve community safety in Surrey.

Police and Crime Plan for Surrey

crime plan

Lisa’s plan includes ensuring the safety of our local roads, tackling anti-social behaviour and reducing violence against women and girls in Surrey.

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