ASB Case Review

Our office recognises that persistent anti-social behaviour can have a significant impact on individuals and communities. It is often linked to other crime types.

It is taken seriously by Surrey Police and partners. Your Commissioner has signed a pledge that commits to reducing the harm that it causes and to promote the ways that residents can find support.

The ASB Case Review process 

The ASB Case Review gives more power to individuals affected by antisocial behaviour that has been reported three or more times in a six-month period, who are concerned that there has been little, or no progress made to resolve the issue. 

When a case review request is received, multiple agencies including our office work together to find a more permanent solution, by reviewing your complaint and the actions taken, and identifying available support for you such as coaching or mediation.

Requesting a review of your complaint

You can request a review of your complaint through the process if:

  • you are a victim of anti-social behaviour that you have reported three or more times in a six-month period or another person acting on behalf of the victim such as a carer or family member, MP, councillor, or professional person. You can also use the review request where the victim is a business or a community group;
  • You are aware that other people in the local community have reported separate, but related, anti-social incidents to agencies in the same six-month period. The Review will be started if five or more individuals have made separate, but related, reports in a six-month period.

Your Case Review will be handled by the local Community Safety Partnership that includes officers from your local council alongside Surrey Police.

Our office is a key member of Surrey’s Community Safety Partnership at county level. We act as the final arbitrator in any cases where the individual remains unhappy with the outcome of the Trigger process through their local partnership.  

Submit a ASB Case Review request using the links below:

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