Joint Audit Committee – 28th July 2021

Notice of Meeting – Surrey OPCC & Surrey Police Joint Audit Committee

28th July, 14:00, via MS Teams

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Urgent Matters
  3. Declaration of Interests
  4. a) Minutes of meeting held 28th April b) Action log
  5. Introduction from New CDIO, Anthony Croxford (verbal)
  6. a) Cover Sheet – Annual Internal Audit Report and Opinion 2020-21 ai) Annual Internal Audit Report and Opinion 2020-21 b) Cover Sheet – Internal Audit Progress Report 2021/22 bi)Internal Audit Progress Report 2021-22
  7. Cover Report – External Audit Plan 2020/21 a) External Audit Plan 2020/21
  8. Update on Progress of Annual Governance Statements Cover Report Annex A OPCC AGS Annex B CC AGS
  9. Draft Annual Governance Statement and Financial Statements 2020/21 Surrey CC Accounts Draft 210714 Surrey PCC Accounts Draft
  10. PSAA Audit Tender Consultation
  11. Annual Review of JAC Terms of Reference
  12. Outturn Treasury Management Report 2020/21
  13. Force Balanced Scorecard