Joint Audit Committee – 26 April 2023

The meeting of the Joint Audit Committee of Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey and Surrey Police will take place at 10:00 via MS Teams.

The Chair of the Committee is Patrick Molineux.


Reports from the Joint Audit Committee have been provided as word .odt files for accessibility and will download to your device when clicked . Please contact us if you would like to receive any of the below files in a different format.

Part One – In Public

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Welcome remarks and urgent matters
  3. Declaration of Interests
  4. a.) Minutes of the Meeting held on the 26th January 2022
    • b.) Action Tracker
  5. Joint Audit Committee Annual Report
  6. Joint Committee Attendance Cover Sheet and Attendance Record
  7. a.) Internal Audit Progress Report 2021-22
  8. a.) External Audit:
  9. Scheme of Governance Annual Review
  10. a.) Treasury Management Policy Statement and Strategy
  11. Review of governance of arrangements for making grants to Third Parties
  12. Review of Gifts and Hospitality and Gifts and Hospitality Spreadsheet
  13. Health and Safety

Part two – In private

This session includes an update on key issues and risks since last meeting from the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable, internal risk assessments and reports that are not suitable for publication.