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The Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey is supported by a small number of support staff based at Surrey Police HQ, Mount Browne, Guildford.

  • Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer – Alison Bolton

    Every Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) must have a Chief Executive who works with the PCC to enable the effective delivery of his or her vision, strategy and priorities as expressed in the Police & Crime Plan. Alison’s post also acts as Monitoring Officer, drawing the PCC’s attention to any actual or possible contravention of law or maladministration.

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    Alison is also responsible for the management of the Commissioner’s other staff. These are:

  • Chief Finance Officer – Kelvin Menon

    Kelvin is responsible for providing the Police and Crime Commissioner with professional advice on the financial aspects of her role, including the preparation of the Annual Revenue and Capital Budget report and associated Council Tax Precept proposals, and the PCC’s Annual Statement of Accounts and Governance Statement in accordance with the statutory requirements.

  • Head of Performance and Governance – Johanna Burne

    Johanna is responsible for co-ordinating the policy work in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner with particular responsibility for developing and monitoring the Police and Crime Plan, overseeing Surrey Police performance, and strategic projects.

  • Strategic Analyst – Emma Price

    Emma is responsible for assessing key data to target improvements in Surrey Police performance and inform strategic projects. Emma works with the Head of Performance and Governance to inform the monitoring of the Police and Crime Plan in Surrey.

  • Head of Policy and Commissioning – Lisa Herrington

    Lisa is responsible for the provision of policy support to the PCC in the areas of victims’ needs and services, commissioning, community safety and criminal justice.

  • Policy and Commissioning Lead  for Victim Services – Damian Markland

    Damian is responsible for developing and implementing policy initiatives for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, specifically in relation to domestic abuse, sexual violence, harmful practices and child sexual exploitation. He works with local partners and the voluntary sector to commission effective support services to help victims of these crimes to cope and, as far as possible, recover.

  • Community Safety Policy and Commissioning Lead – Sarah Haywood

    Sarah is responsible for developing and delivering projects and policy initiatives for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner relating to community safety; specifically anti-social behaviour, young people, joint enforcement teams, town centre and rural crime. She maintains positive relationships and works closely with the local Community Safety Partnerships, the voluntary sector, the business community and community groups to commission local project which reduce crime and disorder. Sarah is also responsible for managing the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Safety Fund.

  • Criminal Justice Policy and Commissioning Lead – Craig Jones

    Craig is responsible for supporting the Police and Crime Commissioner with the implementation of new strategies, policies and development work relating to criminal justice. He also works closely with statutory partners such as the police, probation services and prisons together with voluntary organisations to commission effective schemes and services to reduce offending and re-offending behaviour.

  • Communications Manager – Nathan Rees

    Nathan is responsible for managing strategic communications at the local and national level on behalf of the PCC, Deputy PCC and the Office. This includes media relations, horizon scanning national news and political agendas, public affairs and local campaigns.

  • Communications and Engagement Officer – James Smith

    James is responsible for providing support to the Communications Manager and Complaints and Diversity Policy Lead roles. This includes the day-to-day running of the OPCC’s social media channels, overseeing content on the website, seeking and encouraging positive engagement with the Surrey public and proactively communicating the role of the PCC and ongoing projects within the wider office.

  • Complaints Review Manager – Nicholas Wainwright

    Nicholas is responsible for leading the independent review of complaints made against Surrey Police under the provisions of the Police Reform Act 2002, including liaising with the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and providing regular advice to the PCC on professional standards and complaints matters related to Surrey Police.

  • Complaints and Diversity Policy Lead – Sam Meyer

    Sam is responsible for handling complaints, including casework and investigations into specific cases and incidents and making sure the PCC fulfils her statutory duties in this area. Sam ensures that the PCC has accurate information on the type and level of complaints being received by Surrey Police and how they are being resolved. He is also responsible for ensuring that the PCC is compliant with obligations regarding Freedom of Information, Equality and Diversity and Human Rights legislation.

  • Independent Custody Visitor Scheme Manager – Erika Dallinger

    Erika is responsible for managing the Surrey Independent Custody Visiting Scheme whereby trained members of the local community go into police custody on a random, unannounced basis to check on the welfare of detainees held in police custody and comment on the conditions in which they are held. The ICV Scheme is a statutory responsibility of the PCC.

  • Office Manager – Rachel Lupanko

    Rachel is responsible for the effective running of the Office, providing the Police and Crime Commissioner and his team with professional business and financial management and comprehensive administrative support with particular responsibility for the setting and monitoring the Secretariat budget and Business Continuity.

  • PA to the PCC – Sarah Gordon and Dawn Lewis (job-share)

    The PAs are responsible for providing administrative support to the PCC, enabling her to carry out her role effectively. They are responsible for the effective administration of key statutory and non-statutory meetings and for duties relating to publication and provision of information.

Women account for 54% of the substantive employees of the OPCC staff team. Currently, one member of staff is from an ethnic minority background and none have declared a disability.

In addition to the posts listed above, the Commissioner is also employer of two members of Surrey Police’s finance team. This is a technical arrangement made to comply with law and the two staff remain under the day-to-day management of Surrey Police.  The OPCC for Surrey has no arrangements to make use of the staff of other local authorities.

See a copy of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment here.

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Budget

The budget for the OPCC for 2021/22 has been set at £2,798,147. This is split between an operational budget of £1,116,560 and a commissioned services budget of £1,681,587. See more information about the OPCC Budget and OPCC Budget Breakdown

The salary for the Chief Executive is £73,014 (£93,875 FTE).  The salary for the Chief Finance Officer is £80,550.