Performance and accountability

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The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner monitors performance in all of the key areas of Surrey Police’s work in line with the Police and Crime Plan set for Surrey.

This forms a key part of the role of your Commissioner Lisa Townsend in holding the Chief Constable to account, and supporting improvements to the service that residents receive.

Performance & Accountability Meetings

Performance and Accountability meetings are held with the Chief Constable of Surrey Police every 12 weeks. They include an updated Performance report with the latest information from Surrey Police, and additional reports on agreed themes.

We’re making changes in order to reflect what you want to see in these meetings, and will be making recordings available to the public either by live stream or shared recording. Continue to follow our pages for more information soon. 

Performance areas

Performance monitoring includes:

  • Crime Levels and outcomes
  • Response times
  • Tackling organised criminal groups
  • Public confidence and satisfaction in the Police
  • Call handling and other contact with the public
  • Preparedness for emergencies
  • Professional standards and complaints against the Police

Additional information will be provided to match The Government’s National Priorities for Policing (below). These complement the priorities set out in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan:

  • Reduce murder and other homicide
  • Reduce serious violence
  • Disrupt drugs supply & ‘county lines’
  • Reduce neighbourhood crime
  • Tackle Cyber Crime
  • Improve satisfaction among victims, with a particular focus on survivors of domestic abuse.

Up to date measurement of reducing neighbourhood crime and victim satisfaction are currently unavailable due to the suspension of the Office for National Statistics Crime Survey for England and Wales.

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Dates of forthcoming meetings

  • 31 January 2022, 10:00-12:00
  • May 2022
  • September 2022 
  • December 2022

These meetings are complemented by Resource and Efficiency meetings that are held in private between your Commissioner and Surrey Police.

Agenda and Papers of latest meeting – 21 September 2021