Response to IOPC Police Complaints Statistics for England and Wales 2022/23

Our office has provided the following response to the national Police Complaint Statistics for England and Wales 2022/23 published by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Read our response below:

Surrey Police recorded a total of 2,117 complaints during 22/23 (total allegations – 3,569).  The Force performed exceptionally well in its recording and logging of complaints where it took and an average of 1 day to log a complaint and 2 days to contact the complainant. 

An area of further exploration by the force, however, is the ‘dissatisfied after initial handling’ section where the force recorded 31% under Schedule 3 due to the complainant being dissatisfied with the initial handling.

The Force recorded 829 number of allegations per employee (4,305 employees).  The overall allegation theme remained mostly in relation to ‘delivery of duties and service’ (2,224 allegations).  Overall, 45% of cases were finalised outside of Schedule 3 with an average of 13 days being taken to do so.  The number of cases finalised outside Schedule 3 was 1,541 and inside Schedule 3 was 635 (total = 2,176 as some carried over from 21/22).

During 22/23, the OPCC received 127 review requests but completed 145 reviews as some were carried over from 21/22.  Of these reviews, the outcome was not found to be reasonable and proportionate in 7% of cases.