Last chance for Surrey residents to share their views in Commissioner’s council tax survey

IT’S the last chance to have your say on how much you’d be prepared to pay to support policing teams in the county.

Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend’s survey on council tax levels for 2023/24 ends this Monday, January 16. The poll is available via

Lisa is asking residents if they’d support a small increase of up to £1.25 a month in their council tax so policing levels can be sustained in Surrey.

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Thousands of people have already shared their views on one of three options – an extra £15 a year on an average council tax bill, which will help Surrey Police maintain its current position and aim to improve services in the future, between £10 and £15 extra a year, which will allow the Force to keep its head above water, or less than £10, which would likely mean a reduction in service to communities.

Setting the overall budget for the Force is one of Lisa’s key responsibilities. This includes determining the level of council tax specifically raised for policing in the county, which is known as the precept.

Police forces around the country are funded by both the precept and a grant from central government.

‘Strong response’

Lisa said: “We’ve had a strong response to the survey, but it’s incredibly important to me that as many Surrey residents as possible get to have their say.

“If you haven’t yet had a chance to respond, please do – it will take just a minute or two to do.

“This year, Home Office funding is based on the expectation that Commissioners like me will increase the precept by £15 a year.

“I know how stretched households are this year, and I thought long and hard before launching my survey.

“However, the Chief Constable for Surrey has been clear that the Force needs additional funding just to maintain its position. I don’t want to risk taking a step backwards when it comes to the service our county expects and deserves.”

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