Domestic abuse and stalking perpetrator interventions

Area of assessment: Commissioning interventions for perpetrators of domestic abuse and stalking
Date: November 2022 – March 2023
Assessed by: Lisa Herrington, Head of Policy and Commissioning


A Domestic Abuse Hub in Surrey will co-ordinate the delivery of specialist programmes aimed at increasing survivor safety and reducing the harm from adults perpetrating domestic abuse and stalking.

Perpetrator interventions will offer participants the opportunity to change their attitudes and behaviours and develop skills to make positive and long-lasting change.

Through the Hub, specialist services will also deliver integrated support for adult and child survivors and specially tailored support for children and adolescents who may be using violence/abuse in their own young relationships or towards parent/carers. Work will consider the needs of the whole family, to prevent an escalation of harmful behaviours and ensure every survivor has access to the right independent support for healing.

Experts known as ‘intervention navigators’ will come together in the Hub from this range of specialist services to hold joint case discussions, which will lead to improved risk management, particularly for families. They will also co-ordinate activity which helps people to engage with services on offer, as well as work that involves other agencies in Surrey.

Equality Impact Assessment

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