Decision Log 050/2020 – Reducing Reoffending Fund Application – November 2020

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey – Decision Making Record

Report Title: Reducing Reoffending Fund (RRF) Application November 2020

Decision number: 050/2020

Author and Job Role: Craig Jones – Policy & Commissioning Lead for CJ

Protective Marking: OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

For 2020/21 the Police and Crime Commissioner has made available £266,667 of funding to reduce reoffending in Surrey.


In November 2020 the following organisation submitted an application to the RRF for consideration;

Surrey PoliceWoking CHaRM-Alpha Extreme projectsum requested £4000

CHaRM manages individuals who lead chaotic lives, commit or be victim to multiple, various crimes and impact the community heavily through their offending and lifestyle. As a partnership they have difficulties in addressing these issues when specific outreach is needed which covers a multiple needs spanning a number of agencies or issues. These can often not meet the threshold for specific agencies to be involved. However the needs of the individual still require addressing in order to improve their lives and the impact that they have on the community.

Alpha Extreme are a service which can provide this support to these individuals and are used on a number of boroughs within Surrey already. Alpha are a social enterprise which is part of Catalyst, a not for profit organisation. They have the skills to work with people who are struggling with issues arising from drugs, alcohol and mental health to themselves, their families and communities. Also with the COVID pandemic we would like a focused approach to these individuals where community services are also under strain.

The proposal is for a fund to be directed through the CHaRM process in supporting these individuals through outreach work to reduce offending and vulnerability as agreed and directed by the CHaRM attendees.


That the Police & Crime Commissioner awards the sum requested to the above mentioned organisation totalling £4000

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: David Munro (wet signature on hard copy)

Date: 03/11/2020

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