Decision Log 023/2021 – Community Safety Fund Applications – April 2021

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey – Decision Making Record

Community Safety Fund Applications – April 2021

Decision number: 023/2021

Author and Job Role: Sarah Haywood, Commissioning and Policy Lead for Community Safety

Protective Marking: Official

Executive Summary:

For 2021/22 the Police and Crime Commissioner has made available £538,000 of funding to ensure continued support to local community, voluntary and faith organisations.

Applications for Core Service Awards over £5000

Women’s Support Centre – Counselling Service

To award the Women’s Support Centre £20,511 to support them in delivering their counselling service which support women through a trauma informed, gender specific intervention. The service is aimed at providing therapeutic support for women involved in, or at risk of being involved in the criminal justice system. During therapy, the counsellor will address many factor recognised as risks to offending including substance misuse, domestic abuse, mental health related issues and other difficult life experiences. The grant is a three year grant of £20,511 per annum.

Crimestoppers – Regional Manager

To award Crimestoppers £8,000 towards the core costs of the regional manager post. The Regional Manager role works with the local partnerships to develop detect, reduce and prevent crime by being a vital link between the community and policing. The grant is a three year grant of £8.000 per annum.

GASP – Motor Project

To award the GASP project 25,000 to run their Motor Project. GASP supports some of the hardest to reach young people in the community by re-engaging with them through learning. They provide accredited hand on courses in basic motor mechanics and engineering, targeting disaffected, vulnerable and potentially at risk young people. The grant is a three year grant of £25.000 per annum.

Surrey Police – Op Swordfish (Static Acoustic Cameras)

To award Surrey Police £10,000 towards the purchase of a static acoustic camera to support Surrey Roads Polcing Team and Mole Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team in reducing the speeding and noise in the A24 area. The Acoustic camera noise monitoring equipment has been explored and appears to be a suitable option for monitoring and evidencing the continuing issue of noise ASB.

Surrey Police – Op Signature

To award Surrey Police £15,000 towards the ongoing scheme, Op Signature. Op Signature is a victim support service for victims of fraud. The funding supports the salary cost of 1 x FTE or 2 x FTE Fraud Caseworkers in the Victim and Witness Care unit to provide tailored one-to-one support to vulnerable victims of fraud particularly those with complex needs. The caseworkers assist those victims in ensuring that they receive the support required and to work with police to put in place effective interventions focused on reducing further victimisation. The grant is a three year grant of £15.000 per annum.

Runnymede Borough Council – Rapid Task Force

To award £10,000 towards the establishment a rapid response task force- RBC, Surrey Police (Runnymede) & Environment Agency (EA) aimed at disrupting, deterring, and investigating large scale organised waste crime taking place in Surrey. The operational model involved in this crime is to establish an Unauthorised Encampment (EU) (involving criminal damage forcing entry to land) on private or public land, dump as much waste as possible in the shortest space of time.

Applications for Small Grant Awards up to £5000 – Community Safety Fund

Surrey Police – Youth Engagement Motor Vehicle Diversionary Project

To award Surrey Police £4,800 to support the Youth Engagement Offices in their role in engaging and diverting young people away from crime and disorder. The Youth Engagement Officers will have access to the services of the GASP motor project to facilitate this engagement whilst offering the CYP an opportunity to learn new skills outside of the school environment.

Browns CLC – Rebuild Project

To award Browns CLC £5,000 towards the Rebuild project which provides innovative community-based support to the parents of children who have been exploited or are at risk of child exploitation.

Surrey Neighbourhood Watch – Neighbourhood Watch Cohesion

To award SNHW £3,550 towards an operational budget to cover costs such as meeting costsfor the Surrey Neighbourhood Watch.

Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy – Guildford Street Angels

To award Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy £5,000 towards the core costs of the part-time coordinator for the project to enable Guildford Street Angels to operate throughout 2021.

St Francis Church – CCTV

To award St Francis Church in Park barn and Westborough £5,000 to increase the security of the church by installing CCTV on the advice of the Designing out Crime Officer.

Skillway – Improvement Project

To award Skillway £4945 to deliver training to the core staff. The bid is split into two; mental health training which is critical to supporting the young people and forest school training. The second part is to extend and improve the paths around the Old Chapel.

Salfords Cricket Club – Improving Security to the Pavilion and Facilities

To award Salfords Cricket Club £2,250 to improve the security of the pavilion and club following incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism. The funding will support the upgrade in CCTV and fencing around the cricket nets.

Grant Awards for multiple years – Community Safety Fund

The following grants have been approved as part of the multi-year agreement. All applicants have met the requirements as set out in the funding Agreement.

  • Surrey Police – Special’s Cadet Training (£6,000)
  • Surrey Police – Community Speed Watch (£15,000)
  • High Sherriff Youth Awards (£5,000)
  • Crimestoppers – Fearless (£39,632)
  • Mediation Surrey – core costs (£90,000)
  • The Matrix Trust – Guildford Youth Caf√© (£15,000)
  • E-Cins – System’s License (£40,000)
  • The Breck Foundation – Breck Ambassadors (£15,000)

Applications not recommended/deferred by the panel – redacted[1]

Guildford BC – Taxi and Private Hire CCTV (£232,000)

It was agreed the decision for the Guildford Borough Council application would be postponed while partners work on the Safer Streets funding application.

Warren Clarke Golfing Dreams – Facilities (5,000)

This application was rejected as it did not meet the criteria for the Community Safety Fund


The Commissioner supports the core service applications and small grants applications to the Community Safety Fund and awards to the following;

  • £20,511 to the Women’s Support Centre for Counselling Services
  • £8,000 to Crimestoppers towards the Regional Manager
  • £25,000 to GASP for their core costs
  • £4,800 to Surrey Police for GASP sessions
  • £5,000 to Browns CLC for the Rebuild Project
  • £3,550 to Surrey Neighbourhood Watch to support the organisation ongoing costs
  • £2,467 to the St Francis Church for CCTV
  • £4,500 to Skillway to support the organisation in working with CYPs
  • £2,250 to Salfords Cricket Club for security improvements

The Commissioner supports the second year funding for the following;

  • £6,000 to Surrey Police for the Special Cadet Training
  • £15,000 to Surrey Police for Community Speed Watch support
  • £5,000 to the High Sherriff Youth Awards
  • £39,632 to Crimestoppers for the Fearless Project
  • £90,000 to Mediation surrey for their core service
  • £15,000 to The Matrix Trust for the Guildford Youth Cafe
  • £40,000 to Surrey Police for the E-CINs programme
  • £15,000 to The Breck Foundation for the Cadet Breck Ambassadors

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: David Munro (wet signed copy kept in OPCC)

Date: 26th April 2021

All decisions must be added to the decision register.

Areas of consideration


Consultation has taken place with appropriate lead officers depending on the application. All applications have been asked to supply evidence of any consultation and community engagement.

Financial implications

All applications have been asked to confirm the organisation hold accurate financial information. They are also asked to include the total costs of the project with breakdown where the money will be spent; any additional funding secured or applied for and plans for on-going funding. The Community Safety Fund Decision Panel/ Community Safety and Victims policy officers considers the financial risks and opportunities when looking at each application.


Legal advice is taken on an application by application basis.


The Community Safety Fund Decision Panel and policy officers considers any risks in the allocation of funding. It is also part of the process to consider when refusing an application the service delivery risks if appropriate.

Equality and diversity

Each application will be requested to supply appropriate equality and diversity information as part of the monitoring requirements. All applicants are expected to adhere to the Equality Act 2010

Risks to human rights

Each application will be requested to supply appropriate human rights information as part of the monitoring requirements. All applicants are expected to adhere to the Human Rights Act.

[1] The unsuccessful bids have been redacted so as not to cause potential prejudice to the applicants