Decision Log 017/2022 – Section 22a Agreement with the National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC)

Decision number: 17/22

Author and job role: Alison Bolton, Chief Executive

Protective marking: OFFICIAL


Executive Summary:

The Commissioner is asked to sign an amended Section 22 collaboration agreement between police forces, PCCs and the National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC). NPoCC is responsible for coordinating the deployment of police officers and staff from across the UK to support forces during large scale events (eg. G7 and COP26), operations and at times of national crisis. It serves as a link between police forces and the Government.

The Commissioner and Surrey Police are already signatories to the current Section 22a agreement, but this version makes amendments to reflect revised governance arrangements in terms of the Lead Chief Officer and Lead Policing Body and revises the data protection and information management schedule to identify the data controller and data processor for NPoCC.


That the Commissioner signs the revised Section 22A Collaboration Agreement with the National Police Coordination Centre.


Police and Crime Commissioner’s Approval:


I approve the above recommendation(s):

Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (wet signed copy held by OPCC)

Date: 05 January 2022


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Areas of consultation:


This agreement has been subject to consultation with police forces, PCCs and the APCC and is based on the template S22A agreement developed by APACE.

Financial implications:

No implications.


No legal advice required.


None identified.

Equality and Diversity: