Decision Log 016/2022 – Joint Lease of Property for South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU)

Decision number: 16/2022

Author and Job Role: Kelvin Menon – OPCC Treasurer

Protective Marking: OFFICIAL


Executive Summary:

Joint entry into a lease for Eastern Technical Surveillance Unit for SEROCU (South East Regional Organised Crime Unit)



SEROCU is part of the national, regional, and local policing arrangement which protects the public from the most serious threats and harm by disrupting and bringing to justice those criminals that present the highest risk to the UK. Their work extends across the breadth of the South East and beyond given the complexity of crime types and technology employed by serious organised criminals.

The critical infrastructure for this work includes estates provision. Various properties have been looked at that could meet the requirements of Serocu and it has been proposed that a lease be entered in to for “Unit D” for a period of 10 years with a break at 5. This property would be leased on behalf of all SEROCU PCCs.



It is recommended that the PCC authorises the progression of a Lease for “Unit D” for the use of SERCOU


Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):


Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (Wet signed copy held by OPCC)

Date: 24 May 2022


All decisions must be added to the decision register.



Areas of consideration:



The property is being leased jointly by South East PCCs all of whom have been consulted.

Financial implications

The annual rent of will be divided between all SEROCU Partners. The approximate cost to Surrey is £61,000 per year


The Lease will be entered in to by the Lead Force


Details as to the property’s location has been withheld due to security considerations

Equality and diversity


Risks to human rights