Decision 42/2022 – 2nd Quarter 2022/23 Financial Performance and Budget Virements

Author and Job Role:                Kelvin Menon – Treasurer

Protective Marking:                   OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

The Financial Monitoring report for the 2nd Quarter of the financial year shows that Surrey Police Group is predicted to be £2.4m under budget by the end of March 2023 based on performance so far. This is based on an approved budget of £279.1m for the year. Capital is predicted to be £1.3m underspent due to the timing of various projects.

Financial Regulations state that all budget virements over £0.5m must be approved by the Commissioner. These are set out in at the end of this report.


Revenue Forecast:

The total budget for Surrey is £279.1m for 2022/23, against this the forecast outturn position is £276.7m resulting in an underspend of £2.4m.

2022/23 PCC Budget £m2022/23 Operational Budget  £m2022/23 Total Budget £m2022/23 Projected Outturn  £m2022/23 Projected Variance £m
Month 63.3275.8279.1276.7(2.4)

The largest element of the underspend is to do with staffing costs. A fixed number of officers (2,210) was budgeted for the entire year however in reality this number is not reached until September thereby resulting in an underspend. In addition despite efforts being made to recruit the staff vacance margin stands at 12%, about 160 posts, which is above the 8% budgeted for resulting in a further saving. The shortage in staff has resulted in additional overtime costs but this has not offset the savings in staffing costs.

Workshop and fuel costs are estimated to be £1m over budget by the year end due to inflation although some of this has been offset by insurance premium savings.

Capital Forecast:

The capital plan is forecast to underspend by £1.3m. Most of this is due to underspend in IT projects and the estates strategy. The decision as to whether these will be allowed to be rolled over in to 2023/24 will be taken later in the year.

2022/23 Capital Budget £m2022/23 Capital Actual £mVariance £m
Month 614.813.5(1.3)

Revenue Virements:

Per financial regulations only virements over £500k need approval from the Commissioner. There is one virement for £1.367m moving staff funding from non pay to pay budgets within Corporate for Uplift costs.


Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I note the financial performance as at the 30th September 2022 and approve the virement set out above.

Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (wet signed copy held at Commissioner’s Office)

Date: 14 November 2022

All decisions must be added to the decision register.

Areas of consideration:



Financial implications

These are set out in the paper




The first half of the year has been challenging in terms of staff recruitment. Whilst this has resulted in an underspend there is an increasing risk that some operations may be left short staffed. This is being kept under review so that the risk of areas being stretched can be managed.

Equality and diversity


Risks to human rights