Decision 59/2022 – Funding for the provision of local support services

Author and Job Role:           George Bell, Criminal Justice Policy & Commissioning Officer

Protective Marking:              Official


The Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey is responsible for commissioning services that support victims of crime, improve community safety, tackle child exploitation and prevent reoffending. We operate a number of different funding streams and regularly invite organisations to apply for grant funding to support the above aims.

For the financial year 2022/23 the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner used a proportion of locally derived funding to support the delivery of local services. In total additional funding of £650,000 was made available for this purpose, and this paper sets out allocations from this budget.

Standard Funding Agreements

Service:          High Impact Complex Drinkers Service

Provider:        Public Health, Surrey County Council

Grant:             £50,000

The funding requested will support Surrey’s High Impact Complex Drinkers programme. The programme is based on extensive evidence-based research by Alcohol Change UK whilst developing their Blue Light principles, to assertively engage and sustain medium to long term change with those who are considered to be change or treatment resistant. Assertive outreach underpins the model, and there is also great emphasis placed on the role of partnership working between agencies that an individual may come into contact with. Rather than the individual touching on a range of different services all responding in isolation, the model looks to engage services to joint case manage the service user with no fixed-time limit to intervention and/or thresholds that impact on future engagement.

Budget:          Precept Uplift 2022/23

Service:          Streetlight Surrey

Provider:        Streetlight UK

Grant:             £28,792

Streetlight UK provides specialist support for women involved in prostitution and all forms of sexual violence and exploitation, including those trafficked into the sex trade, providing tangible and material pathways for women to exit prostitution. They offer a non-discriminatory, confidential 1-2-1 service, enabling women to regain control of their lives. As such, their work has a direct benefit to the communities in which they work.

Budget:           Precept Uplift 2022/23

Service:          OPCC Beds

Provider:        The Amber Foundation

Grant:             £37,500

This funding will support Amber’s mission to transform lives by supporting marginalised young people to move on to sustainable and independent futures that are free from crime. They do this by providing a residential training programme focused on personal development, employability, and resettlement skills for homeless, out of work young people aged 17-30. Amber provides a temporary, safe place to live with up to 30 other young people, and they use their tailored approach that is asset-based and hands on. Based around the principles of restorative practice, their approach seeks to create positive behaviour change through a mix of active participation in the programme, wider community engagement and a focus on residents taking active responsibility for their own decisions.

Budget:           Precept Uplift 2022/23

Service:          Surrey TTG Housing Scheme

Provider:        The Forward Trust

Grant:             £30,000

This funding will support housing and resettlement services, which provides support to vulnerable individuals, with a history of drug, alcohol, or other mental health issues, who are newly released from prison and who have nowhere to live. They provide a stable and permanent home for these individuals, together with additional wrap around care. This may include support to maintain tenancies, sustain recovery from addiction, access benefit claims and food banks, improve life skills, renew relationships with families, and engage with mental health and employment training. They also support vulnerable individuals in the community who are homeless, have a history of substance misuse or other mental health issues, and who would benefit from additional support to help them maintain their tenancy.

Budget:           Precept Uplift 2022/23

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendations as detailed in Section 2 of this report.

Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (wet signed copy held at PCC Office)

Date: 07 February 2023

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Areas of consideration


Three-member panel for Standard grant applications to the Reducing Reoffending Fund – Lisa Herrington (OPCC), Craig Jones (OPCC), and Amy Buffoni (Surrey Police).

Financial implications

£146,292.00 from Precept Uplift.





Equality and diversity

No implications.

Risks to human rights

No risks.