Decision 58/2022 – Funding for the provision of local support services

Author and Job Role:           Molly Slominski, Partnership and Community Safety Officer

Protective Marking:              Official


The Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey is responsible for commissioning services that support victims of crime, improve community safety, tackle child exploitation and prevent reoffending. We operate a number of different funding streams. We regularly invite organisations to apply for grant funding to support the above aims.

For the financial year 2022/23 the Office has used a proportion of locally derived funding to support the delivery of local services. In total, additional funding of £650,000 was made available for this purpose. This paper sets out allocations from this budget.

Standard Funding Agreements

Service:          Engage

Provider:        Surrey County Council

Grant:             £30,000

The funding is intended to be used to offset costs for the 2 x P6 Engage Worker posts which are currently on hold due to a Surrey County Council recruitment freeze. Engage youth workers seek to make a timely offer of youth work activity and support to young people and families soon after the point of detention within Surrey Police custody suites. An Engage representative will attend the Daily Risk Briefing (DRB) which discusses all young people detained in Police custody over the previous 24hrs. They will aim to make contact within 24hrs of release. Engage resources will prioritise young people and their families where there is an identified risk of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), Missing Episodes, Serious Youth Violence (SYV), County Lines / Drug Dealing and Gangs.

Budget:          Precept Uplift 2022/23

Service:          PL Kicks

Provider:        Chelsea FC Foundation

Grant:             £20,000

The PL Kicks programme supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access diversionary activities away from anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. The programme will engage young people aged 8-18 of all abilities, demographics and backgrounds through an evening delivery model at estate and community venues that are accessible for young people. The programme will be promoted by local community partners. Sessions include a mixture of open access, disability inclusive and female only football/physical activity. They also include multi-sport provisions, tournaments, social action and workshop activities.

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendations as detailed in Section 2 of this report.

Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (wet signed copy held at PCC Office)

Date: 07 February 2023

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