04/2024 – Serious Violence Duty Fund 2024/25

Author and Job Role: Sarah Haywood, Serious Violence Programme Lead 
Protective Marking:  OFFICIAL 

In April 2023 the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey was issued a grant to support the named specified authorities under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 to deliver the Serious Violence Duty. The Duty requires specified authorities for a local government area to work together and plan to prevent and reduce serious violence, including identifying the kinds of serious violence that occur in the area, the causes of that violence (so far as it is possible to do so), and to prepare and implement a strategy for preventing, and reducing serious violence in the area. The Duty also requires the specified authorities to consult educational, prison and youth custody authorities4 for the area in the preparation of their strategy.  

The funding awarded for 2024/25 totalled £546,830.47 and was split between labour costs: £211,864.69 and non-labour costs: £334,965.78. The initial delivery plan for 2024/25 was presented and agreed by the Surrey Serious Violence Reduction Partnership which has representatives from the specified and relevant authorities. This decision note formally recognises that agreement and the funding split. 

Serious Violence Labour Grant

The labour grant has been awarded specifically to support partners in developing their response to the Duty. The following funding has been committed against officer time in delivering strategy. The partnership have also agreed to fund a programme to gather voices of children and young people to better understand their thoughts around violence and knife crime. 

Serious Violence Programme lead  £53,018.41 
Surrey County Council analytical support £52,000.00  
Surrey Police analytical support £65,952.00  
Consultants for the CYP voices work (Joanna Feast)  £17,000 

*these costs may change owing to the outcome of pay negotiations 

Serious Violence non-Labour Grant 

The non labour grant has been awarded to support partnership deliver targeted interventions to prevent and reduce violence. That partnership have agreed to fund the ongoing work around Op Shield. More interventions will be agreed by quarter 2 2024/25. 

Circles SE – Op Shield  £49,299.00  

The PCC supports the recommended allocation of the Serious Violence Duty labour fund in Surrey and awards the following;  

  • £53,018.41 to the Local Policing Body for the recruitment of a Serious Violence Programme Lead 
  • £52,000.00 to Surrey County Council for analytical support for 2024/25 
  • £65.952.00 to Surrey Police for tactical support for 2024/25 
  • £17,000 to Cleanwell Being consultants for delivering the CYP voices work 

The PCC supports the recommended allocation of the Serious Violence Duty non labour fund in Surrey and awards the following;  

  • £49,299.00 to Circles SE for Op Shield. 

I approve the recommendation(s): 

Signature: Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held at PCC Office)  

Date: 07 May 2024 

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The recommendations in this report have been agreed by the Serious Violence Reduction Partnership, Community Safety Partnerships and the local Serious Violence Operational Group which consists of all the specified and relevant authorities as named in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022.

Financial implications 

Funded using allocation from the Serious Violence Duty Fund.


The Local Policing Body have followed the legal and financial requirements as set out in the Serious Violence Duty Grant from the Home Office. 


The Serious Violence Duty Operational Group has a risk register which keeps track of the risks and challenges associated with delivering the duty and the projects connected to the funding. 

Equality and diversity 

Each deliverable has considered the equality and diversity implications. An equality impact assessment will be completed for the Serious Violence Reduction partnership by the end of the financial year. 

Risks to human rights 

No risks