Commissioner joins PCSO on foot patrol in Guildford – and urges others to join Surrey Police

COMMISSIONER Lisa Townsend joined a Surrey Police Community Support Office (PCSO) on a foot patrol in Guildford last week – and urged anyone with an interest in the job to apply to the Force.

On a two-hour walk through the town centre, Lisa and PCSO Chris Moyes spoke with members of the public, visited areas known for anti-social behaviour, and were called to a department store following reports of a shoplifter.

PCSOs work alongside police and share some of their powers. While they are unable to make an arrest, they can issue fixed penalty notices, demand the name and address of anyone behaving anti-socially, and take alcohol from a person aged under 18.

In Surrey, individual PCSOs are well-known for their work in the communities they patrol, and act as a visible presence to deter crime and build relationships between residents and police.

Applications to become a PCSO with Surrey Police are currently being accepted.

Lisa said: “Our PCSOs are absolutely vital, and I had a chance to see exactly how much good they do in Surrey during my patrol with Chris.

“During my brief visit, she was stopped by a number of people who knew her. While some had a concern to discuss, many simply wanted to say hello. This is a testament to her 21 years of service with the Force.

‘Absolutely vital’

“Two of the key priorities in my Police and Crime Plan are to protect communities from harm and work with our residents so they feel safe. PCSOs often provide that link between frontline policing and the people who live in our county.

“It’s a job like no other, and that’s what I’d urge anyone with an interest to apply. PCSOs make a huge difference to the lives of Surrey residents.”

PCSO Moyes said: “Being a PCSO is a brilliant job.

“I particularly enjoy the variety and speaking to so many different people of all ages and backgrounds.

“There’s nothing like putting a smile on a victim’s face by supporting and solving problems for them.”

Vacancies are currently available in Spelthorne, Elmbridge, Guildford, Surrey Heath, Woking and Waverley.

PCSOs work alongside Safer Neighbourhood Teams to prevent and tackle issues by building relationships and winning the trust of the public.

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