The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) in Surrey is committed to the highest possible standards of honesty and openness, probity and accountability. The OPCC seeks to conduct its business in a responsible manner, ensuring that all its activities are open and effectively managed and that its integrity is sustained. It expects the same standards from the Force it oversees.

The OPCC encourages any of its staff- and indeed the Force’s personnel – who have concerns about any aspect of the Force or OPCC’s work to come forward and voice those concerns. The OPCC ensures that policies are in place to enable people to expose wrong-doing or misconduct and support and protect those who do so.

Surrey Police’s Whistleblowing and Financial Irregularities Procedure applies to all employees within the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and is available on the Force Intranet.

If someone from another organisation (Third Party) seeks to make a disclosure, as they are not an OPCC employee, the PCC cannot offer protection and it is suggested that they follow their own organisation’s policy. The OPCC will, however, be willing to listen if for whatever reason a third party feels unable to raise a relevant issue through an external source. Contact the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer for the OPCC.