Commissioner’s response to HMICFRS Digital Forensics report: An Inspection into how well the police and other agencies use digital forensics in their investigations.

Police & Crime Commissioner comments:

I welcome the findings of this report which highlight the exponential increase in the amount of data that is stored on personal devices, and therefore the importance of effectively and appropriately managing such evidence.

The following sections set out how Surrey Police are addressing the report’s recommendations, and I will monitor progress through my Office’s existing oversight mechanisms.

I have requested the Chief Constable’s view on the report, and he has stated:

I welcome the HMICFRS spotlight report ‘An Inspection into how well the police and other agencies use digital forensics in their investigations’ which was published in November 2022.

Next steps

The report focuses on the provision of digital forensics across police forces and Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs), with the inspection focusing on whether forces and ROCUs understood and could manage the demand, and whether victims of crime were receiving a quality service.

The report looks at several areas including:

  • Understanding current demand
  • Prioritisation
  • Capability and Capacity
  • Accreditation and Training
  • Future plan

These are all areas which are on the radar of the Senior Leadership of the Surrey and Sussex Digital Forensics Team (DFT) with governance and strategic oversight provided at the Forensics Oversight Board.

The report makes nine recommendations in total, but only three of the recommendations are for forces to consider.

Use the below link to see a detailed commentary on Surrey’s current position and further work that is planned. Progress against these three recommendations will be monitored through existing governance structures with strategic leads overseeing their implementation.


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