Community Trigger

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Persistent anti-social behaviour can have a serious impact on communities and the welfare of victims.

The Community Trigger gives those affected the right to request a review of complaints about persistent anti-social behaviour in Surrey, that have occurred and been reported three or more times in a six month period.

When a Trigger is received, multiple agencies including the Office of the PCC work together to find a more permanent solution, including identifying available support for individuals.

You can request a review of your anti-social behaviour complaint(s):

  • If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour (ASB), or another person acting on behalf of the victim such as a carer or family member, MP, councillor, or professional person. The victim could be an individual, a business, or a community group

  • If you have reported three times in the last six months separate, but related, anti-social behaviour incidents to agencies and the problem persists

  • If you are aware that other people in the local community have reported separate, but related, anti-social incidents to agencies in the last six months and the problem persists. The trigger will be started if five or more individuals have made separate, but related, reports in a six month period.

To find out more about submitting a Community Trigger to the partnership in your local area, see below: