Surrey Police and Crime Panel

Surrey Police and Crime Panel2022-08-08T20:12:21+01:00

Surrey’s Police and Crime Panel is managed by Surrey County Council  and scrutinises the actions and decisions made by your Commissioner Lisa Townsend.

The Panel consists of one elected councillor from each of Surrey’s boroughs, as well as two independent Members. The Police and Crime Panel can make recommendations to the PCC on key decisions, as well as vote on the PCC’s proposed council tax amount for policing ahead of each financial year.  

Your Police and Crime Commissioner holds regular meetings with Surrey’s Police and Crime Panel. The public part of meetings is made available by Surrey County Council via live stream, and supported by key messages from the PCC’s social media pages.

The Surrey Police and Crime Panel web page contains more information on Panel Members, dates of Panel meetings, and public reports and papers submitted by the PCC’s Office for each meeting.