PCC Expenses Scheme 2021-22

PCC Expenses Scheme 2021-22

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Allowance Scheme 2021-22

Paragraph 3 of Schedule 1 to the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (“the 2011 Act”) provides that a Police and Crime Commissioner is to be paid authorised allowances.  “Authorised allowances” means allowances, in respect of expenses incurred by the Commissioner in the exercise of the Commissioner’s functions, which are of the kinds and amounts determined by the Secretary of State. A determination under paragraph 3 may make different provision for different cases.

The kinds of allowances determined by the Secretary of State for the purposes of paragraph 3 of Schedule 1 to the 2011 Act are allowances in respect of:

  • Travel expenses;
  • Subsistence expenses;
  • Exceptional expenses

reasonably incurred by a Police and Crime Commissioner in the exercise of the Commissioner’s functions.


In this scheme,

“PCC” means the Police and Crime Commissioner.

“Chief Executive” means the Chief Executive of the PCC’s Office.

“Chief Finance Officer” means the Chief Finance Officer of the PCC’s Office.

The Chief Executive should subject all of the PCC’s expense claims to rigorous verification and auditing.  A breakdown of the PCC’s expenses is to be published on the website on an annual basis.

Provision of ICT and Related Equipment

The PCC shall be provided with a mobile phone, lap-top, printer, and necessary stationery to fulfil their roles, should they request them. These remain the property of the PCC’s Office and must be returned at the end of the PCC’s term of office.

Payment of Allowances and Expenses

Claims for travelling and subsistence expenses should be submitted to the Chief Executive within 2 months from when the expense was incurred.  Claims received after the expiry of this period will only be paid in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Chief Finance Officer. Original receipts should be provided to support public travel and subsistence claims.

Travel and subsistence expenses will not be paid for the following:

  • Political activities not related to the role of the PCC
  • Social Functions not related to the role of the PCC unless previously approved by the Chief Executive
  • Attendance at meetings of an outside body to which the PCC is appointed where the activities are too remote from the functions of the Office of the PCC
  • Charity events – unless at the discretion of the Chief Executive

All reasonable and necessary travelling expenses, incurred whilst carrying out the business of the PCC, will be reimbursed on production of original receipts and in respect of ACTUAL EXPENDITURE incurred.

The PCC is expected to travel by public transport in order to undertake the business of the Police and Crime Commissioner(This does not include the cost of taxi fares unless there is no other public transport available or by the prior consent of the Chief Executive).  If travelling by rail, the PCC is expected to travel in standard class.  First class travel may be permitted where it can be demonstrated that it is of the same or less cost than standard class.  Air travel shall be permitted if this can be demonstrated to be the most cost effective option, having considered the full costs associated with other forms of transport. 

The reimbursement rate for travel in own motor car is 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles; and 25p per mile over 10,000 miles, both plus 5p per mile per passenger.  These rates are aligned with HMRC rates and will be revised in line with those.  Motor cycle use is reimbursed at a rate of 24p per mile.  In addition to the rate per mile, a further £100 is paid for each 500 miles claimed.

Mileage claims should normally only be made for journeys from the primary place of residence (within Surrey) for attendance at approved PCC business.  When required to travel to attend PCC business from another address (for example, returning from holiday or a second place of residence) this must be only in extenuating circumstances and with the prior agreement of the Chief Executive. 

Other Expenses

On production of original receipts and in respect of ACTUAL EXPENDITURE incurred for approved duties.

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel accommodation is normally booked in advance by the Office Manager or PA to the PCC and is paid for directly by the Office Manager.  Alternatively, the PCC can be reimbursed for actual receipted expenditure.  Expenditure may include the cost of breakfast (up to the value of £10) and if required, an evening meal (up to the value £30) but does not include alcohol, newspapers, laundry charges etc.


Payable when applicable, on production of original receipts and in respect of ACTUAL EXPENDITURE incurred for approved duties:-

Breakfast – up to £10.00

Evening meal – up to £30.00

Determinations do not permit claims to be made for lunch. 

Subsistence allowance is not payable for meetings where appropriate refreshments are provided.

Exceptional expenses, not falling within any of the above categories will be paid, if they have been reasonably incurred in carrying out the business of the PCC, original receipts have been provided and these expenses are approved by the Chief Executive.

Date of next review: May 2022 

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