National Crime and Policing Measures

National Crime and Policing Measures2021-12-15T09:47:28+00:00

The Government has set out key areas for policing at a national level. The National Priorities for Policing include: 

  • Reduce murder and other homicide
  • Reduce serious violence
  • Disrupt drugs supply & ‘county lines’
  • Reduce neighbourhood crime*
  • Tackle Cyber Crime
  • Improve satisfaction among victims, with a particular focus on survivors of domestic abuse.

The National Priorities complement the priorities set by your Commissioner in the Police and Crime Plan for Surrey, and will be included in measurement of the effectiveness of Surrey Police.

Police and Crime Plan

The priorities in the Police and Crime Plan for Surrey 2021-25 are:

  • Preventing violence against women and girls
  • Protecting people from harm in Surrey
  • Working with Surrey communities so that they feel safe
  • Strengthening relationships between Surrey Police and Surrey residents 
  • Ensuring safer Surrey roads 

How will we measure performance? 

Performance against the Police and Crime Plan 2021-25 will be reported in public three times a year and promoted via the PCC’s public channels. The Public Performance report for each meeting will be made available to read on our ‘Performance’ page

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS)  

Read the latest Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) report on Surrey Police by HMICFRS (2018/19). 

Surrey Police was also included as one of four police forces inspected for the HMICFRS report, ‘Inspection into how effectively the police engage with women and girls’, published in 2021.

The Force received specific praise for it’s proactive response that includes a new Strategy to reduce Violence against Women and Girls, more Sexual Offence Liaison Officers and domestic abuse case workers and a public consultation with over 5000 women and girls on community safety.