Joint Audit Committee – 29 July 2020

Notice of Meeting

Joint Audit Committee – 29th July 2020 – 1pm

To be held via remote link

Agenda – Part One

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Urgent Matters
  3. Declaration of Interests
  4. a) Minutes of the Meeting held 30th January 2020 b) Action tracker
  5. Attendance Records for JAC meetings
  6. Joint Audit Committee Self Assessment Review 2019/20 (Verbal)
  7. Joint Audit Committee Annual Governance Review Annex 1) Chief Constable Scheme of Delegation Annex 2) PCC Scheme of Delegation Annex 3) Memorandum of Understanding Annex 4) Financial Regulations Annex 5) Contract Standing Orders Annex 6) Code of Corporate Governance Annex 7) Supplemental Governance for Building the Future Annex 8) Member comments Annex 9) Member comments Annex 10) Decision Making and Accountability Framework for PCC
  8. Joint Audit Committee Terms of Reference Review
  9. External Audit Plan 2019/20
  10. Internal Audit Progress Report a) Annual Internal Audit Report and Opinion 2019/20 b) Internal Audit Strategy, Plan and Charter 2020-21
  11. Update on the 2019/20 Financial Statements and Annual Governance
  12. 2019/20 Treasury Management Report
  13. 2019/20 Report on Gifts,Hospitality and Disclosable Interests
  14. Financial Arrangements a)Report on debts approved for write-off b) Report on Contract Waivers and Breaches c) Procurement Implications of Covid 19
  15. Latest Force Performance Report
  16. Forward Work Plan

Part Two – In Private