Joint Audit Committee Meeting – 20th October 2021

Notice of Meeting

Surrey OPCC and Surrey Police Joint Audit Committee Meeting

20th October, 14:00, held via MS Teams

Part One – In Public

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Urgent Matters
  3. Declarations of Interest
  4. Minutes of Meeting held 28th July 2021
  5. Internal Audit Progress Report 2021/22
  6. 06_ JAC Annual Governance Statement and Financial Statement 2020-21 a) Surrey OPCC Accounts b) Surrey CC Accountsc) External Audit Findings report d) Surrey Police Draft Letter of Representation to External Auditors
  7. JAC Terms of Reference – Amendment
  8. Review of Gifts and Hospitality a) PCC’s Gifts and Hospitality b) CC’s Gifts and Hospitality
  9. a) PCC’s Expenses b) CC’s Expenses
  10. Force Performance Report