24/2023 – Revised Section 22A Collaboration Agreement: Minerva Programme

Author and Job Role: Alison Bolton, Chief Executive 

Protective Marking:  Official

Executive Summary: 

Together with the Chief Constable, the Commissioner is asked to sign the final version of the Section 22A Collaboration agreement which governs the responsibilities of those forces in the Minerva Programme. The revised agreement reflects a recent change of Lead Policing Body (Avon & Somerset succeeds North Wales) and incorporates feedback from previous rounds of consultation.


The Minerva Programme was created in 2013 as a collaboration of ten UK police forces based upon their common use of the Niche Records Management System (NicheRMS365). The initial aims of the Minerva Programme were to promote best practice between member forces and to create an agreed approach to the use of the RMS.  In 2017, the then 23 Minerva members forces approved an increase in the resource level and committed to a new strategy to develop/manage new NicheRMS365 functionality and to further drive convergence to enable data sharing. The new Minerva Delivery Team (MDT), consisting of 10 staff seconded from member forces, commenced this work in 2018.  

There are now 27 (soon to be 28) Minerva member forces as every force in England, Wales and Northern Ireland using NicheRMS365 has chosen to become a Minerva member. A Minerva Strategic Plan 2021-26 has been approved by member forces. The Minerva AGM also approved the drafting of a S.22a Collaboration Agreement to move the Minerva Programme from its current, less formal ‘Service Level Agreement’ basis to become a legally recognised collaboration.  


That the Commissioner signs the revised Section 22A Collaboration Agreement for the Minerva programme.

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval 

I approve the recommendation(s): 

Signature: Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held at Office of the PCC)

Date: 03 October 2023

All decisions must be added to the decision register. 

Areas of consideration 


The document has previously been circulated to all Minerva member forces and the feedback received has been reviewed and included where appropriate.  

Financial implications 

The Financial Contribution for each member force on 01.04.2022 is £22,500.  Further details of the funding principles and financial costs and benefits are set out in the Section 22 Agreement. 



The revised agreement has most recently been reviewed by the Avon & Somerset Force solicitor’s office.   


None arising.  

Equality and diversity 

None arising.  

Risks to human rights 

None arising.