17/2023 – Legally Qualified Chair of Misconduct Panels and Police Appeals Tribunal Chair Allowance Schemes 2023/2024

Author and Job Role:  Rachel Lupanko, Office Manager     

Protective Marking:     OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

The Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), in exercise of the powers conferred by the Police and Crime Act 2011, pay an Allowance to Legally Qualified Chairs of Misconduct Panels and Chairs of Police Appeals Tribunals.  This had been incorporated into one scheme but has now been separated into two schemes to make it clearer.  The Allowance Scheme is reviewed on an annual basis.


The Legally Qualified Chair for Misconduct Panel scheme and the Police Appeal Tribunal Chair scheme have been reviewed in line with Home Office guidance and updated for 2023/2024 and is set out below, copies are attached to this decision paper.

  1. Legally Qualified Chairs for Misconduct Panel
  2. Chair of Police Appeals Tribunal Allowance Scheme

The PCC is bound by the rate set by the Home Office Legally Qualified Chairs for Misconduct Panels and Police Appeals Tribunals. 


That the PCC follows the Home Office rates for Legally Qualified Chairs for Misconduct Panels and Police Appeal Tribunal Chairs.  

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held at office of the PCC)

Date: 21 August 2023

Areas of consideration


None required

Financial implications

Already incorporated within the budget for 2023/2024


None required



Equality and diversity

No implications

Risks to human rights