Decision Log 042/2021 Provision for donation of and end of service vehicle

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey – Decision Making Record

Report Title Provision of donation of an end of service vehicle

Decision number: 042/2021

Author and Job Role: Rachel Lupanko, Office Manager

Protective Marking: Part One

Executive Summary:

The PCC has received a request to donate one of its fleet vehicles that has reached the end of its service to SERV Surrey & South London. They are registered charity made up entirely of volunteers, who transport blood products, urgent samples, medical supplies along with donated breast milk to hospitals and milk banks across Surrey and the South London area. They also ensure that the Air Ambulance which covers the Surrey area is restocked daily with the trauma blood carried on the aircraft. The vehicle will also be used at events in Surrey where they fundraise and promote the charity.

There is no initial outlay for this vehicle, it is currently part of the fleet and will be replaced by a new vehicle. The only loss would be the auction value of the vehicle donated, which has been estimated to be £3,047.29. There will be no on-going costs to the police as the vehicle will be gifted to the SERV Surrey & South London. Once this has happened then the usual agreement is that the vehicle is registered to the charity but full ownership is not transferred until 2 full years have passed. This negates any chance of the charity simply selling the vehicle on for profit.

There is no request for funding on this report; rather this is a simple request for one ex-fleet vehicle to be gifted to SERV Surrey & South London.


That the PCC agrees to donate an ex-fleet vehicle to the SERV Surrey & South London.

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: Lisa Townsend (wet copy kept in OPCC)

Date: 08/10/2021

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Areas of consideration


None required.

Financial implications

As discussed in the report.





Equality and diversity


Risks to human rights