Decision Log 039/2021 – Transfer from reserves for Building the Future Strategic Assessment Review

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey – Decision Making Record

Report Title: Transfer from reserves for Building the Future Strategic Assessment Review

Decision number: 39/2021

Author and Job Role: Kelvin Menon – Treasurer

Protective Marking: OFFICIAL


Executive Summary:

In June 2021 following a high level review of the Building the Future Project (BTF) by CIPFA, it was decided by the Board that a full Strategic Estates Assessment be carried out at a cost of approximately £480k. As this cannot be covered from existing Revenue budgets it has to be funded from the Estates Reserve.

The PCC is required to authorise of Reserves.


An initial review of the BTF project conducted by CIPFA earlier this year indicated that the project, as it had developed, presented a number of financial challenges which needed to be addressed. At the request of the Chief Constable at the Board meeting in June 2021, it was decided that to demonstrate good governance and address these challenges, a full strategic review would be carried out which would concentrate on 3 options:

  1. Continue with the Leatherhead development but adapting it to take account of the financial challenges this presents;
  2. Remaining at Mount Browne and redeveloping the facilities there;
  3. Developing or moving to a new site entirely.

In order for an informed assessment as to the best way forward, Consultants are required to provide professional advice. This will enable high level plans and costings to be prepared to inform the Board as to the next steps. Everyone was of the view however that to carry on as is (i.e. in the existing buildings and estate) was not an option. But whatever was agreed did have to be affordable.

It was anticipated that this work will cost approximately £500k, now reduced to £480k, and be completed by the autumn. The BTF team are working hard to reduce this cost still further. As it was not budgeted for in the revenue budget and cannot be capitalised, it can only be paid for from reserves. At the 31st March 2021 the balance on the Estates Reserve stood at £3.2m.



Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the transfer of £480,000 from the Estates Reserve to fund the BTF Strategic Review.

Signature: Lisa Townsend

Date: 27 August 2021

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