Decision 021/2022 – Surrey Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) upgrade – Budget approval

Decision number: 2022/21

Author and Job Role: Kelvin Menon – OPCC Treasurer

Protective Marking: OFFICIAL


This decision relates to the approval of capital and revenue funding for an upgrade to the current ERP system. The Strategic Change Board considered a number of options but the Chief Constable’s decision was to upgrade the system as the risk of failure was increasing and this was the quickest deliverable option.


The Commissioner approved funding to enable procurement to commence. This is conditional that

  • the financial costs of the programme are contained within the agreed and available budget;
  • if, following procurement and due diligence, the cost of the project exceeds the capital budget by 10% and the revenue budget by 10%, the decision will be revalidated and and presented again to the Commissioner for approval
  • an amendment is made to the accounting policy for the ERP asset to spread the asset life of the upgraded solution over a five-year period (as opposed to three years as is permitted in the current policy)
  • monthly updates will be provided to the Commissioner on the progress of the project.

The full decision will be published once the procurement has been completed.