Decision Log 019/2021 – Forensic Capability Network – Section 22A Collaboration Agreement

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey – Decision Making Record

Report Title: Forensic Capability Network – Section 22A Collaboration Agreement

Decision number: 019/2021

Author and Job Role: Alison Bolton, Chief Executive

Protective Marking: OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

The Transforming Forensics Programme was established in 2017 to support police forces in England and Wales to deliver sustainable, high quality forensic science capabilities in support of the Home Office’s Forensic Science Strategy.

As a result of work carried out by the Transforming Forensics Programme, PCCs and Chief Constables are now asked to enter into a collaboration agreement pursuant to section 22A of the Police Act 1996 (as amended by the PRSRA) to establish a Forensic Capability Network (FCN). The FCN is a community of all its members’ forensic science capabilities and expertise – still owned and managed locally but benefitting from a level of collective investment, focus, networking and support. Its aim is to work together nationally to deliver high quality, specialist forensic science capabilities; to share knowledge; and to improve resilience, efficiency, quality and effectiveness.

All Chief Constables, PCCs (and equivalents) are party to this Agreement. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset will act as the initial Host Policing Body. The responsibilities of individual PCCs in respect of governance of the FCN, strategy, financial and budgetary arrangements (including in the event of the expiry of Home Office direct grant funding) and voting are detailed in the Agreement.


That the PCC signs the Section 22A Agreement in respect of the Forensic Capability Network.

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: David Munro (wet signature copy held in OPCC)

Date: 29th March 2021

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Areas of consideration


The agreement has been subject to extensive consultation with PCCs. The Head of Forensic Investigations for Surrey and Sussex has been consulted from a local perspective.

Financial implications

These are detailed in the Agreement.


This has been subject to legal review, including the APACE legal network.


Have been discussed as part of the consultation with PCCs and Chiefs.

Equality and diversity

None arising.

Risks to human rights

None arising