Decision 28/2022 RASASC Funding 2022

Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey – Decision Making Record

Report Title RASASC funding 2022

Decision number: 28/2022

Author and Job Role: Lucy Thomas, Commissioning & Policy Lead for Victim Services

Protective Marking: OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

Police & Crime Commissioners have the statutory responsibility to provide services to support victims cope and recover. RASASC provide core rape and sexual assault services in Surrey through counselling and Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs).


  • RASASC has seen a year on year rise in referrals to their service. Since 2016 they have been awarded £187,000 per annum through grant agreements to support survivors of sexual assault and rape; £157,000 through the Victims’ Fund and an additional £30,000 through alternative funding streams. In 2022/23 to date they have been awarded £157,000 from the Victims’ Fund, the additional £30,000 recommended will bring their funding in line with previous years.


  • An additional £30,000 is awarded to RASASC to support the delivery of counselling services for sexual assault and rape survivors.

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: PCC Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held in OPCC)

Date: 18th August 2022

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