Decision 65/2022 – Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Senior Officer Pay Arrangements

Author and Job Role:      Alison Bolton, Chief Executive

Protective Marking:         OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

The purpose of this report is for the Commissioner to review and approve pay arrangements for the two statutory posts of Chief Executive/Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer of the Office of the PCC.


Proposed arrangement

It is suggested that arrangements for the CEX and CFO are aligned to the April pay award made to graded staff following the annual pay negotiation with UNISON.  There are no arrangements required for incremental progression given that the CEX and CFO do not have a salary band.  However, the PCC will keep salaries under review each year to ensure that they retain value against meaningful comparators.

This does not represent a change for the staff concerned, but rather formalises an existing arrangement.


That the PCC agrees the annual pay award arrangements for the Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer posts as described in section 3 above. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: PCC Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held in OPCC)

Date: 2nd March 2023

All decisions must be added to the decision register.

Areas of consideration


PCC, Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer, Surrey Police HR.

Financial implications





None arising.

Equality and diversity