62/2023 – Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund: Behind the Blade

Author and Job Role: Sarah Haywood, Serious Violence Programme Lead 

Protective Marking:  OFFICIAL 

The Police and Crime Commissioner has made available funding to support the commissioning of local service. As a Partnership there is commitment to supporting more activity to support and work with young people most at risk. 

The Serious Violence Reduction Partnership have identified through the development of the Surrey Serious Violence Needs Assessment and the Serious Violence Strategy, that more activity needs to take place to understand and work with young people at risk of carrying and using bladed instruments / knifes. 

Surrey partners have commissioned a practitioner training package, Behind the Blade which is designed to give staff the confidence and skills to have conversations with young people to discuss why they might choose to carry bladed instruments / knifes and the risks.  

The funding will be used to extend the training to Surrey Police staff and other key staff working with children and young people. Importantly the funding will allow Surrey Police to own the materials and programme. 

The PCC supports the recommended allocation of the Serious Violence Duty labour fund in Surrey and awards the following;  

  • £10,000 to Surrey Police to deliver the Behind the Blade Project in Surrey 

I approve the recommendation(s): 

Signature: Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held in OPCC) 

Date: 05 March 2024 

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The recommendations in this report have been agreed by the Serious Violence Reduction Partnership, Community Safety Partnerships and the local Serious Violence Operational Group which consists of all the specified and relevant authorities as named in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 

Financial implications 

Funded using allocation from the Serious Violence Duty Fund



The Local Policing Body have followed the legal and financial requirements as set out in the Serious Violence Duty Grant from the Home Office. 


The Serious Violence Duty Operational Group has a risk register which keeps track of the risks and challenges associated with delivering the duty and the projects connected to the funding.


Equality and diversity 

Each deliverable has considered the equality and diversity implications. An equality impact assessment will be completed for the Serious Violence Reduction partnership by the end of the financial year. 

Risks to human rights 

No risks