Decision 61/2022 – Approval of the Council Tax Precept, Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2023/24

Author and Job Role:                Kelvin Menon, OPCC Surrey Treasurer

Protective Marking:                   OFFICIAL

Executive Summary:

On the 3rd February 2023 the Police and Crime Panel agreed the proposal of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey to issue a Band D council tax precept for the Surrey area of £310.57. There are statutory requirements for the Commissioner to calculate the budget requirements and formally issue a precept for the financial year and this report meets those requirements.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the Police and Crime Commissioner to set the Revenue and Capital Budgets for the year and this report also meets those requirements.


Read the report attached to this decision notice.

For accessibility, this report has been provided as an open document word file (.odt). Please contact us if you would like to request this information in a different format.


As set out on the attached report it is recommended that the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey approves:

  • The proposed revenue and capital budgets for 2023/24.
  • The calculations of council tax in 2023/24 in accordance with sections 43, 44 and 47 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, as amended.
  • The council tax precept of £310.57 for band D to be issued in 2023/24;

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held at the PCC Office)

Date: 14 February 2023

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