Decision 54/2022 – Funding for the provision of local support services

Author and Job Role:           George Bell, Criminal Justice Policy and Commissioning Officer

Protective Marking:              Official


The Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey is responsible for commissioning services that support victims of crime, improve community safety, tackle child exploitation, and prevent reoffending. We operate several different funding streams and regularly invite organisations to apply for grant funding to support the above aims.

For the financial year 2022/23 the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner used a proportion of locally derived funding to support the delivery of local services. In total additional funding of £650,000 was made available for this purpose, and this paper sets out allocations from this budget.

Standard Funding Agreements

Service:          Suite of programmes to tackle online sexual offending in Surrey

Provider:        The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Grant:             £15,000

Summary:      These programmes are to tackle online sexual offending in Surrey. The first is Inform Young People programme, this programme works with young people up to the age of 21 (or up to 25 in certain circumstances) who have engaged in sexual behaviours that have been harmful to themselves or others. The Inform Plus and Engage Plus programmes – are psycho-educational programmes for adults who have been arrested, cautioned, or convicted for online offences involving sexual images of children or those who have engaged in some form of online solicitation or grooming of children.  Alongside providing immediate support and advice to ensure children and adults remain safe, the programmes recommend a range of interventions that help callers address their offending behaviour, to make it less likely to be repeated. The suite of programmes is part of these interventions and aims to reduce reoffending by addressing online offending behaviour.

Budget:          Precept Uplift 2022/23

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendations as detailed in Section 2 of this report.

Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (Wet signed copy held at PCC Office)

Date: 31 January 2023

(All decisions must be added to the decision register.)

Areas of consideration


Three-member panel for Standard grant applications to the Reducing Reoffending Fund – Lisa Herrington (OPCC), Craig Jones (OPCC), and Amy Buffoni (Surrey Police).

Financial implications

£15,000 from Precept Uplift.





Equality and diversity

No implications.

Risks to human rights

No risks.