Decision 45/2022 – Children and Young People and Community Safety Fund Applications – November 2022

Author and Job Role: Sarah Haywood, Partnership and Community Safety Lead

Protective Marking:  OFFICIAL

Executive Summary

For 2022/23 the Police and Crime Commissioner has made available £275,000 for the new Children and Young People’s Fund which is a dedicated resource to support activities and groups who work with children and young people across Surrey to help them feel safe.

Application for Small Children and Young People Grant Award under £5000

The Shed – Hale Community Centre

To award the Hale Community Centre £3,304.12 for The Shed. The Shed is the name young people have given to Hale Youth Centre. The team run 6 youth led sessions a week delivering activities that engage with young people from the community and particularly within the Sandy Hill Estate which is a recognised area of multiple deprivation. The funding will support the team to bring in more educational activities focusing on helping the young people to feel safe and empower them to make informed choices.

Think Smart – recharge – Surrey Police

To award Surrey Police £3,470 to support the partnership engage with missing children. The funding will purchase mobile phone keyring power bars which will be handed to young people who are at risk of going missing. The bars will enable them to connect and seek help or confirm their safety with trusted adults. Missing children face all kinds of harm whilst not at home or not in education. Often their only source of comfort and connection is the battery life on their smartphone and most of us know that with frequent messaging and game play, a full battery doesn’t even last the day!

Drivesmart Football Match – Surrey Fire and Rescue
To award Surrey Fire and Rescue £150 to support a promotional football match between Surrey Fire and Rescue and Surrey Police which will aim to raise awareness of road safety.

Along with activations on the day, including media interviews focused on road safety, we will also be filming the players involved who will be sharing their experiences with road traffic collisions along with key safety messaging.

Application for Small Community Safety Grant Award under £5000

Communication Support – Woking Street Angels

To award Woking Street Angels £1,300 towards the running costs of their two way radio system. The use of 2 way radios and a team leader mobile phone is absolutely essential for the work of Woking Street Angels. Throughout the evenings on duty they are use to communicate with CCTV, altering them to ASB, crimes of concerns for safety allowing the police to intervene if necessary, therefore preventing escalation of incidents.

Application for Standard Children and Young People’s Grant Award over £5000

Belong – Belong Community Project

To award Belong Community £10,118. The Belong Community Project (Belong), hosted by St John’s C of E Primary school, is centred in the sixth most deprived area in Surrey, delivering intervention and prevention through Open Access Youth Work Sessions/Gym Provision, 1:1 Mentoring, Transition to Secondary School Programmes and Holiday Activity Programmes. The funding will support Belong’s Open Access Youth Work Provision and 1:1 Mentoring for secondary age children incorporating restorative intervention.

Fearless – CrimeStoppers

To award Fearless £40,740 to pilot a new fearless approach in Surrey. This new Bystander Approach to Fearless in Surrey encourages a pivotal shift in the way communities think about the impact they can have. Encouraging young people and adults to step up and report crime is not enough on it’s own, we must enable them to have the tools to take positive action. The Bystander Approach introduces young people, professionals working with young people and their parents to the power of the ‘active bystander’. The Fearless Worker will build partnerships locally with other organisations working to support young people, working together to provide a coordinated response to youth crime and exploitation across Surrey.

East to West Trust – Relational Support Worker

To award the East to West Trust £7,500 to work in partnership with local schools to provide pastoral care and support for young people facing a wide range of wellbeing and mental health issues. The funding will support the Relational Support Work who will support young people across local schools whose wellbeing and mental health challenges can lead to disengagement from education, truancy, anti-social behaviour and criminality.


The Commissioner supports the core service applications and grants applications to the Children and Young People’s Fund and the Community Safety Fund and awards to the following;

  • £3,304.12 to The Hale Community Centre
  • £3,470 to Surrey Police
  • £150 to Surrey Fire and Rescue
  • £1,300 to Woking Street Angels
  • £10,118 to Belong
  • £40,740 to Crimestoppers
  • £7,500 to East to West Trust

Police and Crime Commissioner Approval

I approve the recommendation(s):

Signature: Lisa Townsend, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (Wet signed copy held at Commissioner’s Office)

Date: 07 December 2022

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