01/2024 – Community Safety Fund and Children and Young People’s Fund applications April 2024

Author and Job Role: Molly Slominski, Partnership and Community Safety Officer 
Protective Marking:  Official 

For 2024/25 the Police and Crime Commissioner has made available £383,000 for the Community Safety Fund to ensure continued support to local community, voluntary and faith organisations. The Police and Crime Commissioner also made available £275,000 for the Children and Young People Fund which is a dedicated resource to support activities and groups who work with children and young people across Surrey to stay safe. 

Core Service Awards 

Mediation Surrey CIO – Mediation Surrey 

To award Mediation Services £126,000 to run the core of their service supporting communities/neighbours and families by providing mediation and coaching to Surrey residents experiencing neighbour, intergenerational or general community disputes. The services provide a process for dealing with community harm and anti-social behaviour in a way that allows everyone to be heard and to reach resolution that is realistic and acceptable to all. The Support coaching service for victims of anti-social behaviour builds confidence, skills and strategies for victims to deal with the situations and fears they face. This is the second year of a three-year grant providing £126,000 for financial year 2024-2025 and subject to approval £129,780 for financial year 2025-2026. 

Core Service Awards 

Catch22 – Music to My Ears 

To award Catch22 £100,000 to run Music to My Ears. This service offers a combination of creative workshops and tailored one-to-one support from a named advisor to help individuals to address the root causes of their vulnerability. Focussing on early intervention that recognises the family, health and social factors that can lead to exploitation, this project will increase the number of young people supported away from criminal exploitation. 

The Commissioner supports the core service applications and grant applications to the Community Safety Fund and the Children and Young People’s Fund and awards to the following; 

  • £120,000 to Mediation Surrey for their core services 
  • £100,000 to Catch22 for Music to My Ears 

I approve the recommendation(s): 

Signature:  Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend (wet signed copy held at PCC office)

Date: 19 April 2024

All decisions must be added to the decision register. 


Consultation has taken place with appropriate lead officers depending on the application. All applications have been asked to supply evidence of any consultation and community engagement. 

Financial implications 

All applications have been asked to confirm the organisation hold accurate financial information. They are also asked to include the total costs of the project with breakdown where the money will be spent; any additional funding secured or applied for and plans for on-going funding. The Community Safety Fund Decision Panel/ Community Safety and Victims policy officers considers the financial risks and opportunities when looking at each application. 


Legal advice is taken on an application by application basis. 


The Community Safety Fund Decision Panel and policy officers considers any risks in the allocation of funding. It is also part of the process to consider when refusing an application, the service delivery risks if appropriate.  

Equality and diversity 

Each application will be requested to supply appropriate equality and diversity information as part of the monitoring requirements. All applicants are expected to adhere to the Equality Act 2010  

Risks to human rights 

Each application will be requested to supply appropriate human rights information as part of the monitoring requirements. All applicants are expected to adhere to the Human Rights Act.